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Extending the season

The right décor means summer all year round

Dappled impressions from sunlight enliven a room, bringing it to life. The ever-changing effect of light shifts color on walls, furnishings, and flooring, animating everything in its sphere. 

Katrina and Gregg Nicandris’s sun-filled, pastel-toned living room illustrates the impact sunlight can have when designing a room. A soft palette of buttery yellow and pastel blue in this eastern-exposure room delivers sunlight-like warmth.

“I moved to Rochester from Virginia. My husband and I met at medical school there. When we came here to work at the University of Rochester, winters were a real adjustment. Because we’d each lived in Seattle, gray weather was something familiar to us, but we never cared for it. I find the lack of sunlight during a Rochester winter especially hard. I wanted a room that would help me forget overcast skies,” she says.....


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