Interior Design Services


I would love to have the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how you use your space and what you love so your space can be designed to meet those needs and reflect your personal style. Schedule your appointment today!

E-Design Services

Not in the Western NY area...that is okay! You can opt for E design services.  You provide pictures, dimensions, function and needs for your space and you receive a professional design plan that you can implement.

Space Plans and Design Drawings

After your initial consultation, if necessary, I will draft your space to explore design options and to convey design ideas.  These are especially helpful if you are moving to a new home, building an addition or purchasing new furniture..

Material and Finish Selections

A lot goes into a space.  Selection of many finishes at once can be overwhelming. Consideration of walls, floors, architectural elements, furniture, window treatments, lighting, cabinetry, hardware and accessories is a lot to consider. By having a professional help with these selections, you are sure to have finishes that work together to bring your space to life.

Furniture Selection

There are many furniture retailers out there, by working with someone independent, you can select the best quality furnishings for your budget.  Get the pieces that truly fit your space and make your room inviting and comfortable.

Window Treatments

Finding the right solution for your window can be complicated.  I can provide you with all the options and help you find the best solution.  Whether you are looking for custom or ready made, I have the sources for both, including fabrics, trim, hardware and installers to finish the job.

Kitchen and Bath Design

Many factors go into these complex spaces. The kitchen and bath are some of the most used spaces in our homes.  Consideration of layout, lighting and electrical are just the beginning. With so many choices in cabinetry, hardware, flooring and counter tops, consulting a professional will insure you have chosen the best options for your needs and budget.

Pre Construction Planning

New construction is an exciting decision and also an investment.  Many design decisions need to be made quickly.  This is when your selections count!  Let me help you make sure your new space is going to fit your needs and reflect your style.

Exterior Color and Design Consultation

Does your home or office lack the curb appeal you desire? Starting with color selection and pulling the details together, you'll be surprised at the transformation. 

Redesign and Home Organization

Are you at a loss of how to pull together what you already have?  Do you have a space that drives you crazy because of clutter or poor design? Redesign uses what you already have by rearranging and relocating pieces to make the most of your possessions. 


Before listing your home consider the benefits of staging.  Staging is furnishing and accessorizing a home to maximize your home's attributes, minimize it's flaws and define the space so you can show your home in its best possible light, earning you maximum offers. With the Internet driving real estate sales, the photos you show make the first impression. Whether you are a Realtor or a home owner, I would love to show you how my services can benefit you. The cost is minimal and results recoup your investment.

Holiday and Special Occasion Decorating

I would love to help take the stress off of you during the holiday season or when you are putting together a party for a special occasion.  I can shop and set up for your event.  Contact me for details and to schedule your date. Including but not limited to: tree set up, tablescapes, door decorating.