Brian Zavitz


I've been very happy working with Deb, who was recommended to me by a realtor when I asked her for someone who had helped with staging homes. I am a contractor rehabbing a house in a middle-class suburb, and needed someone who could give me good ideas about what would appeal to this market, but stay within very tight budget constraints. Deb did this all admirably-- she was responsive, conscientious and effective. She was comfortable with give-and-take discussing alternatives, and on the rare occasion when I did not go for her recommendations, I didn't encounter any friction. I expect I will be working with her on my next project.

Judy Schweichler

Deb is very knowledgeable on all aspects of interior design. I wanted professional advice on rugs and fabric for an antique sofa in adjoining living spaces. She not only advised me about those items, but also a couple of quick, easy, and inexpensive touches that really gave the area some polish!

Robert Feierabend

Debbie is fantastic!! She listened carefully to my wife and my ideas and then provided many possible options to accomplish what we both believe is our dream house. Her knowledge of interior design is fantastic. I like Her approach of tailoring solutions to our requests to our specific budget. It was such a pleasure to have Debbie provide the expertise that we both lack. We were so lucky and Blessed to have Debbie do our design and decorating work. 
We would recommend Debbie to anyone who wants a GREAT designer. THANKS AGAIN DEBBIE